Recovery From Addiction Made Possible

Recovery From Addiction Made PossibleRecovery From Addiction Made PossibleRecovery From Addiction Made Possible

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Project HABIT Cares

The mission of Project HABIT is to present recovery opportunity from substance abuse for people seeking treatment without resources by providing funding, advocacy, and community reintegration support. The very foundation of this mission is for the overall health and wellness of the community, not just the individual. It is for this reason we feel we have a responsibility to act in any capacity to provide aid where we can during difficult times. Therefore, we are excited to announce our new “Project HABIT Cares” initiative. We will work with like-minded businesses and individuals as a team putting our available resources together to help where it is needed most.

Right now, with the Covid-19 pandemic and the crisis it has brought upon us, Project HABIT Cares is assisting front-line mental healthcare workers by putting together care bags of essential items to help them throughout their long and stressful shifts. These selfless men and women risk their own health and the health of their families to provide proper care to people in need.

We are also putting bags together for individuals who are preparing to come out of treatment. Social isolation can be detrimental to the success of their recovery. There are many items that these individuals will need during this crisis to avoid relapse. Please see the list of items we are looking to provide in these bags. If you can help by donating any of the needed items, contact us at (440) 391-9858. To make a monetary contribution of any amount click our “Cash Support” button.



Individual protein powder packs

Protein bars

Energy snacks

Energy drink powder sticks

Hydration powder sticks 

Hand lotions


Travel hand sanitizers 

Phone cards


Walmart & fast food $10 gift cards

Used working cell phones

12 oz bottles of water

Letters of appreciation for everyone's efforts

About Us



Cost is the biggest barrier to addiction recovery, causing a reported 39% of people who need treatment not to seek it.  We are here to help individuals that are ready to start their journey of recovery but do not have the financial means to enter a substance abuse treatment center.  If you are uninsured or underinsured you may qualify for our services.   Our application process is easily accessible, and applicants undergo thorough review before acceptance into our program.




Our comprehensive funding covers each level of addiction treatment care.  Once accepted into our program, you will be assigned an advocate that will work with a clinical team member to get you a comprehensive assessment to determine your appropriate treatment needs. You will be admitted into a facility that can meet the challenges specific to you and your addiction.  Our support does not end with admittance into a treatment program,  we continue to advocate for you as you journey through the treatment levels and are ready to reintegrate back into the community. We will work with you and all available resources to focus on creating a safe environment to reduce and minimize relapse triggers.


As families and neighborhoods continue to be torn apart by the opioid epidemic, we see the need to step up and make a difference.  There are so many people who are in active addiction, but do not have the means or support to start their path to recovery.  We believe it takes the help of the community as a whole to make a shift in this crisis.  At Project HABIT, we begin by helping those who need it the most.


Help with our initiative to support front-line mental health workers and individuals being discharged from treatment.

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